Kiwami beef cut off beef (neck) Frozen/きわみ牛 切り落とし(ネック)冷凍

¥ 1,058 (tax included)


It is a product that cuts off the neck of Unzen Kiwami beef. Unzen Kiwami cow is a cross –bred cow which is breedon large grassland in the Unzen and Saikai area of Nagasaki province. As a variety of cow with improved meat quality through a general assessment of meat color, fineness of meat and fat of the beef in of variety of cross –bred cow grade 3 and higher and selected. Moreover, its quality is improved during 07 days. This is a fine quality beef which is very popular by moderate fat and smooth meat.
300g of 980 yen per pack

Kiwami Beef shank, kiwami Beef shank sliced

Duration / regional Temperature
Frozen meat/ 30 days